Earn KU Credit

The KU J-School Course and other KU credits

The KU Course - JOUR 500 - International Sports Media

3 KU JOUR credits plus option for additional transfer credits from the University of Stirling

The KU School of Journalism and the University of Stirling are offering a distinctive opportunity for students to explore the coverage and marketing of sports in Europe while discovering Scotland in the summer of 2017.

Students will study at the University of Stirling, home of Scottish National and Olympic team training and will be part of the University's International Summer School program which includes more than 100 students from around the world.

You will explore and experience how international media cover and promote sports in both the news and strategic communication environments. In addition to classwork focused on improving your journalism skills, our class will include project work geared toward your media specialty, and field trips to professional media and agencies in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This program through the KU Office of Study Abroad, includes housing in new residence suites at the university, a dining allowance, transportation to and from the Edinburgh airport to Stirling and weekly group excursions to Scottish points of interest.

You will earn three (3) KU JOUR credits and through additional enrollment in one of many unique courses, taught by the faculty of the University of Stirling, you will also earn three Stirling credits. These credits easily transfer to KU and fulfill a variety of KU Core requirements.

The course(s) will meet during the month of June, the first summer block (term) of the Stirling summer session. You may also choose to remain in Stirling for the second summer block in July. During this term you may take additional Stirling course and complete a personal project as a directed study with the KU professor, earning JOUR 506 credit.

Prerequisites: JOUR 415 and JOUR 419; or JOUR 420, each with a grade of 2.0 or above, or instructor permission. Additional information is available at the KU Office of Study Abroad.

Non-Journalism majors may select course for credit with instructor permission.

In addition to the KU JOUR credits, students may choose to take additional courses from the University of Stirling during the first or second block of Stirling summer courses. More information is available on their International Summer School website. Most Stirling coursework easily transfers as credit to KU and some courses satisfy KU Core requirements.

Program Activities

There is open time on weekends for independent student travel to other nearby places of interest. Personal trips are unsupervised and at the student's expense, however students will be encouraged to travel in groups and must provide the instructor with travel, destination and contact information.

Program Facilities and Accommodations

Students will meet in University of Stirling classrooms and computer lab facilities. Students will also have access to university academic and recreation facilities during their stay on campus. All university access and accommodations included in the program fee.

The program includes housing in apartment-style student flats on the University of Stirling campus. The flats include kitchen facilities. There will be at least one group dinner each week during the term. Students will be responsible for other meals.

Technology Requirements

Students will be required to have their own laptop computer (Apple Macbook Pro preferred) capable of supporting current versions of Adobe software. Please discuss your current technology with the instructor when considering this course. The cost of required equipment may be included in your financial need analysis.

Important Dates

KU Study Abroad Application - Deadline March 1

KU Travel Abroad Orientation - Spring semester 2017

University of Stirling Summer Block 1Saturday 10 June - Saturday 8 July 2017
University of Stirling Summer Block 2
Saturday 8 July - Saturday 5 August 2017